The follwing are testimonials from alumni and graduates of Primary Purpose Sober House:


Primary Purpose is an ideal facility to begin the journey of sobriety. The directors, both recovering addicts, honestly care about their clients, and are not in the business simply to make money. Living at Primary Purpose for the first six months of my sobriety, I was put in the middle of the program, surrounded by others with experience in recovery, and among my peers. Primary Purpose is place for those serious about recovery, and the bad apples are weeded out quickly. I have made many important friendships which I still have today. It would have been much more difficult to do this on my own. The close-knit relationships I was able to develop at Primary Purpose, along with the structure of their program kept me from being isolated, made my transition into my new life much easier, and taught me many valuable lessons. Believe it or not, it also made recovery fun. Primary Purpose was a key factor for me, and I am thankful every day I am alive and sober that they were there for me.



My story is a typical one. Two and a half years ago I moved down here from Philadelphia after fighting with substance abuse for over 20years …specifically alcohol and crack cocaine. I had lost the confidence of my parents, many jobs and a failed marriage. I just wanted to go rehab once again bcz I had no where to go and even my druggie friends were tired of me. I came down with 2 days worth of clothes and $14 in my pocket. The rehab was great but I really had no where safe to go after that and they suggest 2 half way houses to me. Thank God I was lead to choose a sober living facility instead called Primary Purpose and after 38 years I finally began to learn how to live. Totally immersed in the AA/NA programs I changed and my life began to change. Even though I faced challenges during my 10 month stay at Primary Purpose (hurricanes, divorce, illness of my mother, loss of jobs, personal illness, and the death of friends) the Directors Mike and Paul stayed supportive and kept me on track. The friendship and camaraderie developed in that environment was amazing and helped to foster my growth in AA and as a human being.

I am blessed now to have a renewed relationship with my parents and my 10 yr old son. Even my ex-wife and I are friends. I live in my own home, have a promising career, and real friends who I can count on and who count on me. That’s amazing for an Alcoholic/Addict like me who found a way to self destruct at just the moments when things looked like they were going my way. If you are looking for an environment that will foster change in your life then look no further, THIS IS THE PLACE!!!