* 12 Step recovery halfway house.

* Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we offer a quality sober living, 12 step lifestyle.

Welcome to Primary Purpose Online

Primary Purpose is a clean, safe, structured sober living environment for men, located in South, East Florida. The mission of our program is to stay sober and to help another achieve long term recovery from the disease of addiciton. (More About Us)

** If you're just looking for a great community-based sober living environment, or you need to find a detox center near you, please call our helpline.

** Detox or treatment center referrals anywhere in the U.S.

** We will assess your needs through our helpline and make referral reccommendations for both men and women.

We specialize in supporting and monitoring those clients with long history of recovery attempts. The "last gaspers".

We provide a safe, clean, and secure sober living environment with all of the benefits and attractions of our South Florida location has to offer for those who either desire to obtain, or currently maintain a sober lifestyle.

Our 12 Steps Sober Living Program provides an atmosphere for our clients to meet and make new friends for life, with the common goal of staying sober and helping other alcoholics and addicts maintain sobriety.

Primary Purpose Sober House provides a positive, encouraging, uplifting environment and results in our clients obtaining the 12 step tools and resources to stay sober, and that last their entire lifetime.

Primary Purpose Sober House is located in Broward County, Florida, one of the nation's leading areas for long term sobriety with over 700 Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous 12 step meetings each week.

Primary Purpose Sober House will assess your needs through our helpline and make referral recommendations for both men and women for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, drug and alcohol detox, and drug and alcohol treatment centers.