Primary Purpose was founded on November 31st, 2003. Our facility was founded on the premises that by helping other addicts and alcoholics, we, the members and founders, could find and participate in a more purposeful and meaningfully spiritual program of recovery. In the spirit of anonymity and as a means of paritcipating in a program of self forgetting, we have omitted our names because we too, are recovering members of a twelve step fellowship. You may ask: what specifically do you mean? This means that every member of the Primary Purpose Sober House is responsible for HELPING OTHERS ATTAIN LONG TERM RECOVERY AS A MEANS OF MAINTAINING THEIR OWN RECOVERY. It is not the staff who are solely responsible for providing encouragement, support, and understanding, but that it is US. US as a program. US as a community. US as members of a twelve step fellowship.

The original inspiration for wanting to create a structured sober living environment came from a mentor, with many years of experience helping addicts and alcoholics in the court rooms of Broward County. In an attempt to duplicate the success that he and his partner had attained, we began to set out on a course of vigorous action.

Since our inception, we have exceeded our original plans and design. Primary Purpose Sober House has outgrown its original building of twenty clients, to now include six buildings at two different locations. What we started out as being one of the best small sober houses, has turned into a large group of addicts with still a singleness of purpose, regardless of our size. What was once a small candle bringing a point of light, has now become dozens of candles that light the entire way for many.